People Don't Care About Your Business!

They do care about their customers.  So, how can you use this?

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People don't care about your business, they're too focused worrying about their own needs, or 'pain'. Your marketing challenge is to match your product/service to their 'pain'.  An effective way to raise awareness and promote your business is through PR (Public Relations). 

And the key thing is, you can do it yourself, time permitting.

We help SMEs create an effective PR strategy and avoid some common pitfalls, we help you focus on:

1. Write with your customers pain in mind, not your product sales pitch

2. Give an emotional benefit as well as a rational benefit

3. You MUST have a story to tell, one that the audience will be interested in

4. Write a headline based on 'fear', 'curiosity' or 'what's in it for me'

Grab PR by the scruff of the neck and get your business noticed


Get to grips with public relations and how it can help your business.  We run practical workshops, whether you are a start-up or a larger organisation looking to create more 'noise' about what you do, this course will help you.


Find out how to build your own PR toolkit and unlock a few tricks of the trade.  For more information click one of the tabs below:

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