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Creative Thoughts
Creative Thoughts

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Creative Thoughts
Creative Thoughts

Introducing Creative Thoughts

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We solve your problems
We solve your problems

How we drive growth.

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Every business is looking for growth and every consultant claims to provide it.  At Creative Thoughts we know there are no silver bullets, only hard work can generate results, and even then nothing is guaranteed.  We increase the chances of success, by following some simple principles:


  1. FOCUS –  ruthless focus on adding value and removing non-essential activity

  2. EXECUTION – if you’re going to do it, do it brilliantly, first time, every time

  3. TEAMWORK – together you achieve more

  4. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – always be learning, ‘open-loop’ thinking is the best way to make progress

Our guiding principles for success, in business...

The Diagnosis - Creative Thinking

While success does not come from having an idea in isolation, starting with a ‘great idea’ certainly enhances your chances.  We are all born with a creative ability, whether deliberate or spontaneous, or cognitive or emotional, our brains have a hard wired capacity to create ideas.  We help refine and direct your thoughts to open new opportunities and turn them into workable solutions. We help diagnose solutions to your problems, through creative thoughts.

The Design Stage - Strategy Development

A strategy is about connecting your big ambitions and goals to a set of clearly defined and specific objectives.We help you design (or redesign) the main channels for your strategy, where to focus time, energy and resources and define a timeline for completion.

The Delivery Stage - Brilliant Execution

Ideas and strategy are worthless unless you can execute the plan.  Marketing plans, in simple terms, are a comprehensive blueprint for your overall marketing activity.  It is amazing how many people still get it wrong.  Our process is simple and effective, helping you know what to do, when and for how long. 

Team Alignment - Power of people

The final area we explore with clients is what we call ‘team alignment’ – all of the elements above require people to think, do and behave in such a way that success is almost guaranteed.  This is one of, if not the biggest challenges facing all companies, not just large organisations. 

Our minds provide the context for this aspect of our work – looking at psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics, we help teams overcome barriers to negative thinking and implement creative programmes to align teams behind the corporate strategy.  This usually starts with addressing self-awareness, taking a retrospective look at your own thoughts and behaviours, this uncovers deeper insights that help reframe us towards delivering success.  When you do this with many/all the people, a cultural shift is possible.

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