Peter Drucker
“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Your business culture can be an immensely powerful force for growth.  

So, how do you achieve growth through your Culture? 

First, you need to diagnose your ‘pain’?  

Diagnose what's holding you back!


It sounds obvious but too many businesses fail to accurately analyse where they are 'really' going wrong.  Focus is placed on poor strategy, ineffective execution, bad luck, bad decisions or competitors.  Rarely, do business leaders identify culture as a reason for failure, and yet, in reality, no matter how good your strategy is, if your people are not aligned to the vision, values and beliefs of the organsiation, failure is very much an option!


Your culture is constantly evolving, and like the prevailing wind, culture is an unseen force, but has the power to bend trees!  We love the work of Patrick Lencioni, business guru and best selling author.  In his book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Lencioni highlights the link between financial results - a tangible element that business leaders understand, and TRUST - an intangible that many people do not.  This link shows a path for many businesses to follow, to engage in the intangible, to make the tangible achievable. 



Diagnose, Design and Deliver


At Creative Thoughts, we help you diagnose your pain, establish corrective designs and deliver the change into your organisation.  It is this last stage that is so difficult, and where our expertise in psychology and neuroscience becomes invaluable.  We understand how the brain reacts to stress and use this to create engaging communications and align people to your vision, values and beliefs.  


Who do we help?


Whether your business performance has plateaued and you need a jump start or you are growing so fast you are struggling to keep pace, we can help you regain control and deliver sustainable growth.

The best results come through aligning your strategy, your marketing and your people.  Combining all three successfully leads to an evolved culture, set up for growth.


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