'Everything is negotiable' but if you want repeat business, you better be able to negotiate effectively!

There is no such thing at 'Win-Win', someone will always win more than the other.  The skill in effective sales negotiation is to negotiate the SHARED AREAS OF VALUE.  To do this requires you to:

Plan what you want

Understand your opposition

Know yourself

Know when to walk away


We will help you create an effective negotiation strategy and avoid common pitfalls.  Our negotiation training covers two main areas - general negotiation and bespoke negotiation training.  All our negotiation programmes cover the following:

1. Establish the key skills for effective negotiation

2. Understand what developing long term relationships means

3. Learn how to build skills of persuasion and influencing

4. Understand the concept of POWER and how to use it

5. Planning for O.D.E. and BATNAs

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