Marketing Strategy

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

Albert Einstein

Marketing Strategy

Far too many businesses, of all sizes and reputation, fail to articulate what they do in a concise and compelling manner.  A respected business mentor gave us the following advice, “If your pitch doesn't hook me in 2 seconds and you can't clearly explain what you do in 30 seconds, your strategy has no chance!”

We advise all our clients to read Richard Rummelt in particular his book ‘Good Strategy, Bad Strategy’, one of the best business books available.

Based on this book, we help clients see strategy as a series of tasks that link your hopes and aspirations (goals) on one side to a list of detailed SMART objectives on the other. It’s a way of organising time and resources to achieve a stated outcome.

At Creative Thoughts we run business workshops to help you define simple strategies that are effective and easy to explain.  We avoid jargon and aim to express everything in plain English.  If you can explain what you do to a 13 year old and they understand it, you're on track.  Try explaining what you do to your children or grandchildren!

Services we offer to help improve your marketing strategy


Our strategy workshops are focused on the following topics:

  1. Find your true purpose

  2. Defining your commercial goal

  3. Marketing strategy

  4. Marketing planning in a day

  5. Creating a brand strategy

If you would like to transform your strategy, please contact us to arrange a time to talk about your business. 


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